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                                 Who are We?


Pet Pages was created to "Bring about the betterment of the Animal Community through Education and Awareness".  This is our mission.


Over the last 15 years we’ve grown to 14 print editions east of the Mississippi, and over one million copies in circulation. Distributed freely through thousands of pet-friendly locations and animal businesses, Pet Pages is more user friendly than other sources, organized from A through Z and filled with information, that is educational, interesting and inspiring .


We include adoption & rescue locations, 24 hour animal hospitals, veterinarians, pet groomers, boarding and sitters, and on and on... Just about anything your pet may need.


We also have a Booster Club, for pet-friendly businesses.

















Where can you find a copy?

Pet pages is published annually, so you will want to keep yours all year.

Copies are FREE and will be found in hundreds of pet businesses and pet-friendly businesses in the Columbus & Louisville markets.  And check out the book online!


How do I advertise in Pet Pages?

Email or call us!  

When you partner with Pet Pages you will not only grow your business,  you will be helping homeless animals find their forever homes.


Columbus Pet Pages

Louisville Pet Pages

1134 Springwater Court

Cincinnati OH 45215



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